This series of colloquia sees the light driven by the shared interest of several Institutes of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) that want to bring to society the latest scientific advances and the vision of the world arising from them.

The ultimate goal is transmitting the message that science is a public good that must be made approachable to all citizens. An effective way to send this message is through the dissemination of knowledge that combines rigor with accessibility. With this spirit, this series wants to gather internationally renowned personalities from a variety of research fields and from the world of culture, so that they share their experience with the general audience.

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The quantized black hole as a theoretical laboratory

Gerard 't Hooft Utrecht Unversity
Conference Hall
Main building CSIC
Serrano 117

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity gives a description of the gravitational force that has been checked accuratelyfor large systems such as planets and stars.However, it should also be valid at the scale of single atoms and molecules. A serious complication however is that these tiny particles behave in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics, and while these laws are understood when applied to electricity and magnetism, the gravitational force here seems to be mysterious. To investigate the situation further, theoreticians consider the most extreme configurations of space and time that follow from General Relativity: black holes. We have the Schroedinger equation for the elementary particles. What is the Schroedinger equation for a black hole? Space and time are dynamical entities; do they follow wave equations? We cannot do experiments with real black holes since all known black holes are large and very far away, and so we are forced to do these experiments in our imagination. But we can investigate the internal logic when we attempt at writing universal equations, but these give rise to fierce discussions.-->