This series of colloquia sees the light driven by the shared interest of several Institutes of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) that want to bring to society the latest scientific advances and the vision of the world arising from them.

The ultimate goal is transmitting the message that science is a public good that must be made approachable to all citizens. An effective way to send this message is through the dissemination of knowledge that combines rigor with accessibility. With this spirit, this series wants to gather internationally renowned personalities from a variety of research fields and from the world of culture, so that they share their experience with the general audience.

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Deciphering the 3D structure of the genome

Modesto Orozco Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Conference Hall
Main Building CSIC
Serrano 117

Nearly two decades after the deciphering of human genome we are facing a new challenge: understanding how this one dimensional information is folded in the cellular nucleus, and how such a folding regulates the expression of DNA making a single 1D copy of genomic information is able to code the activity of a myriad of different cells subjected to a plethora of diverse biological conditions. I will sumarize in my talk how theory and simulation can help us to learn about the structure of the DNA and how this information will allow to move forward in our chemical undestanding of life.